Earthing and Protection, Chinese Garden Sydney, Sydney International Festival 2011, photo Jason Ryall

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“Power Plant turns an ordinary park into a nocturnal wonderland”
THE NEW YORK TIMES - February 2011

“the natural environment comes alive with sound and light”
TIME OUT, Sydney 2011

"an out-of-this-world nocturnal sound and light experience"
MERCURY, Tasmania 2011

“The surprise hit of the Sydney Festival – a magical wonderland filled with strange noises and glittering lights”
THE DAILY TELEGRAPH (Sydney), January 2011

“A cool experience no matter what your age”
SYDNEY HERALD, January 2011

“Power Plant makes you look more closely. Its flashes of neon, shadowy projections and sudden bursts of firefly radiance make you peer all the more intently at what is already there. Wandering around, you see where man has made his mark. But you are also aware of the majestic triumph of nature over us. It is as if the plants are simply holding their breath and waiting for us to leave.“
**** THE GUARDIAN, August 2009

"a nocturnal fantasia; hijacking your intellect as well as your senses"
METRO, UK 2009

“Hijacking your intellect as well as your senses Power Plant is the stuff of your most bizarre, dreamy dreams…”
**** THE METRO, August 2009

"clever, beautiful and unexpected"
**** THE SCOTSMAN - August 2009

"the biggest and most magnificent event...a sinister spectacular"